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High quality of products is the main condition of TUBEX Company operation.

We use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%)

Qualität Качество

Product quality

High products quality is the main condition of TUBEX operation. To achieve this, our specially trained staff uses modern equipment and quality control methods. At our plant, we use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%). Our clients can be sure of our products quality, as we cooperate with suppliers that provide only certified raw material.

Our main raw material suppliers are major companies, such as:

Kutterer Mauer AG
Eclatin AG
Metlac S.p.A.
PPG Deutschland Sales & Services GmbH
VPL Coatings Gmbh & Co KG
The Valspar (Switzerland) Corporation AG
and many others.

For as long as 10 years, TUBEX ZAO has been an officially certified factory. In 2005, we developed and introduced quality management system according to ISO 9001 international standard. The same year our factory certification by DQS GmbH was held. .

Currently, TUBEX ZAO has DQS GmbH and IQNet certificates, and it runs its business in accordance with effective quality standards.

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