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High quality of products is the main condition of TUBEX Company operation.

We use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%)

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Career in our company.

It is impossible to achieve production quality and required work results by counting only on reliable equipment and high-quality raw material. One should never forget about the human factor. No matter how modern the machine is, it will not provide a due result without a trained and competent professional.

Even in the hardest times of crises and default, TUBEX ZAO did not reduce headcount, and when the affiliate temporary shutdown, its employees received their pay in a timely and stable manner.

Stability is the main principle of our company!

Now, despite economic hardships in this country, our employees can receive decent payment. We increase salaries on a yearly basis. And we can say with confidence that its average level is by far higher than that of many Leningrad Region factories.

Apart from this, in order to support our employees and promote their development we constantly engage into social partnership with them in labor.

Our worker and management specialists visit foreign factories of the Holding every year, and there they undergo training and learn working practices with new equipment.

The factory regularly holds corporate learning programs, including in foreign languages and computer competence.

The factory's employees regularly undergo further education courses in fields of their activity at external educational organizations.

And of course, employees constantly improve their skills by learning at their workplaces, on the job.

All this, as well as additional bonus and subsidized programs, such as arrangement of employees travel to work and back, subsidized meals, extra vacations and extra payment for continuous participation in the production process, and a lot more allows us to avoid brain drain among qualified personnel and guarantee career advancement prospects to any level specialists at all stages of their work life in our company.

We have already registered many examples of the factory's employees going the whole way from an ordinary production line operator to positions of a work shift manager, a production manager and other managing positions.

TUBEX ZAO is a stable growing business. In autumn 2015, we introduced a new production line into operation. Thus, we will be happy to welcome qualified specialists and young people for working with the possibility of getting necessary professions at our plant.