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High quality of products is the main condition of TUBEX Company operation.

We use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%)

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Over sixty years ago Alexander Grupp founded a family-owned company called TUBEX. 

He started his business with great willingness and readiness to risk. Over the last years, our company has gained world acknowledgement and authority in the manufacturing sector.

New ideas for the TUBEX Group are developed in Rangendingen central office (South Germany). This way we constantly and purposefully expand our dominant position in the packaging material industry. 
The basis for our success is advanced technology, intense scientific research, the most modern equipment and highly qualified staff.

Our company's affiliates are spread across the globe. They operate in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China, Russia, Brazil and other countries. We produce aluminum and plastic tubes, aluminum cans and aerosol packages. Our products are widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer and chemical industries.

One of our company advantages is the aspiration to be as close to clients as possible. What’s the purpose for making empty tubes in Germany, and then carrying them thousands of kilometers to the customer in Russia? We prefer to produce products on plants located near our clients. That is why in December 1994 we founded the Russian affiliate company, the TUBEX Joint-Stock Company in the Leningrad Region.


Our company located in the small town of Ulyanovka in 50 kilometers from Saint Petersburg is a good example of Russian-German cooperation.It is true that not many German companies opt for investment in Russia. However, our experience shows that investment proves its worth on the fast-growing packaging materials market in Russia. At first, our factory included only two lines for aluminum tubes production, but over twenty years it grew fivefold, stabilized and gained a strong position on the market. Today, TUBEX ZAO is a dynamically growing enterprise that is why we always welcome qualified specialists and young people for working with the possibility of getting necessary professions at our plant.

Our specialists have the yearly chance to visit Germany holding factories for training. All this, as well as additional bonus and subsidized programs organized by our company, allows us to avoid brain drain among qualified staff and recruit young staff for the long term.