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High quality of products is the main condition of TUBEX Company operation.

We use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%)

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Practical aluminum TUBEX tubes are what you can fully trust.

TUBEX tubes are ideal packages for technical products, perfumes and cosmetics, medicines and food.

Durability, airtightness and usability are main advantages of our packages. Exact and winningly clear color print ensures our tubes to be visually attractive. And this is what TUBEX offers you.

Today we offer the following tube types:

A tube of Ø13.5 mm with length of 60-75 mm

A tube of Ø16 mm with length of 60-105 mm

A tube of Ø19 mm with length of 80-120 mm

A tube of Ø25 mm with length of 90-150 mm

A tube of Ø28 mm with length of 110-150 mm

A tube of Ø30 mm with length of 130-165 mm

A tube of Ø35 mm with length of 190 mm

A tube of Ø40 mm with length of 173-190 mm

Raw material: A7 aluminum (99.7%)

At the client's wish, we can release different kinds of tubes: membrane tubes, tubes with elongated nozzles for glues, double internal lacquer finish tubes or tubes with latex rings.

We can print in up to 5 colors, aside from the base coating color. Printing cliches are produced on the BASF equipment with the use of BASF nyloprint® printing plates, which guarantees the highest printing quality.

The minimum order size of one-type (one-design) tubes is 50,000 items.

The length data in the table is given for a tube with triple thread.

Length for a double thread tube: +5 mm

Length for a saddle thread tube: +6 mm

If you wish to order tubes of other sizes, contact us, and we will be pleased to help you.