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High quality of products is the main condition of TUBEX Company operation.

We use A7 aluminum (purity: 99.7%)

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Working hours and conditions:

Shift schedule (12 hours), 2/2, day/night

Registration and employment benefits according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, a stable declared salary 2 times a month, additional benefits, bonuses and compensations according to the Collective Employment Agreement, travel to work and back by collective transportation or compensation for travel by personal or public transportation.

Salary amount:

- for non-qualified staff (with training at the workplace): starting from 22,500 rubles and above;

- for qualified employees the amount is determined individually based on the interview results.

HR specialists:

Head of the HR Department:

Ayna Yanovna Buzo

Tel.: +7-(81361)-90-236

E-mail: buzo@tubex.ru

Specialist of the HR Department:

Alla Alekseevna Kashintseva

Tel.: +7-(81361)-90-236

E-mail: kashinceva@tubex.ru

Additional telephone number:


Profession (Position)

Requirements for candidates

Set-up technician for tube production equipmen

Experience in set-up of press and other technical equipment; technical training would be an asset

Set-up technician for printing equipment (lithography)

Experience in set-up of printing and related equipment; technical training would be an asset

Trainee of a set-up technician for printing equipment (lithography)

Work experience in the technical and production fields; technical training would be an asset